Clothing Order 2020

First order is DUE - March 20th

Our clothing order is being handled differently this year. We are utilizing the online store from BSN Sports. This is the company we ordered from in the past, but now they're allowing us to place orders online. The benefit is that when we order online, they will ship the order directly to your house, cutting out the middle man (Coaches and Boosters). Please see the image below to access the online store. I know it is large for the site, but if you slide around on it you can see a sampling of item and color selection. Clicking on it will take you directly to the online store where orders can be placed.

This is our first order. We will open the store again once we get into the outdoor season (March), but this gives you the opportunity to get the items before the season to be able to wear right away!

Check out the shop by clicking the button below.